Nikki Van De Car

practical magic


practical magic



I believe in anything and everything that provides a tangible, positive result. I love my primary care physician, and I love my herbal remedies. I'll smear a little homemade eucalyptus oil over my chest when I have a cold, and I will go to the acupuncturist when my lungs complain a little more loudly.

It's all about finding a balance.

The most healing things in my life can be drinking a few glasses of wine while playing music with friends--or going for a long walk in the woods, by myself. It depends on the kind of healing that's required--and what's important it to pay attention to what is needed, within yourself. 



There are so many different divination practices, in so many cultures--the I Ching, reading tea leaves, psychics, palmistry, tarot and many, many more. I'm partial to tarot myself--but here's the thing: it never tells me anything I don't already know. If I give myself a reading, those lovely pretty pictures either confirm what I thought, or gently tell me what I didn't want to admit. 

I am always in search of magic--but is that magic?  Is it magic to allow yourself to look deep, using whatever tools are most helpful, to feel into your own intuition and inner guidance? It's so difficult that sometimes it feels like magic when we actually achieve it--and perhaps it is. 

Study your palms for the history of your life that is written on them, and in that conscious, meditative consideration, think what you would like to purposely write next. Drink a cup of hot, soothing tea, and as you sip allow your mind to settle. How have the leaves settled with you, and what do they tell you?

white magic

there really isn't any such thing as white magic

Magic is magic. It's all about intention. A "good" spell can be a force for harm, if that is its intention--like if you cast a truth spell on someone who wishes to retain their privacy. 

And what do I mean by "magic" anyway? I believe in the power of symbolism, and in the power of thought. For me, a spell is a way of focusing that intention, using symbolism. Is there more to it than just "sending good thoughts," as we all do, every day? That's a question of belief. I believe that if I do something more than type a text message or facebook post that someone is in my thoughts, if I actually keep them in my thoughts, with a ritual, then I can be of more service. That feeling of wanting so badly to help (including if the person you want to help is yourself) is incredibly powerful--and it should be channeled.

But always remember the rule of 3--that whatever you send out into the world will be returned to you, threefold. This is a good way to live your life, regardless of its magical properties.